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Do you want to take more control over your life?

Become more assertive and confident?

Build a more positive attitude both at work and home?


Then Springboard is for you!

Springboard in Japan

work & personal development training programme for women

Springboard, the 30-year, award-winning, UK-based work and personal development training programme for women, is now in Japan!

Now in 48 countries, the programme gives you and all women in Japan -- women from all walks of life, all different nationalities and ethnicities, and all abilities -- the chance to set achievable goals to reshape your life.

Springboard in Japan is a fully bilingual programme that is accessible to all women. The programme can be delivered in either Japanese and English, or simultaneously in both languages. The workbooks are mirror images, published in both Japanese and English in dyslexic-friendly fonts and include phonetic styles of writing.

The programme is delivered in 4 full-day workshops over a 12-week period and includes a 300+ page workbook as an added bonus!

By the end of the programme, women will be more confident, have more self-esteem, be more proactive and responsible for their own self-development, communicate effectively, be more assertive and able to define clear goals.

Springboard for women

Now is the season for change

Cherry blossoms bloom

- Ruth Rogers (Poet)

What people are saying

Chance to look back at my career

Springboard gave me a great opportunity to look back on my career so far. I was able to meet women in various stages of their lives with whom I would normally not have a chance to interact. It allowed me to rethink about what I could do and what path I'd like to pursue in the future. (Y, 30s)

Opportunity to think with a group of women about my life

Last year I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the first ever, Springboard Japan program. As a self-confessed “self-help junkie” I was a bit skeptical as to whether I would learn anything new or useful on the course. I’ve read a lot of self-help books and listened to a lot of podcasts over the years. However I had never done a self-improvement course in a group environment.


I found Springboard to be extremely well-organized, and held in a friendly, casual setting created by the amazing course coordinators. They were very approachable, funny and likeable.


I loved the fact that the program was in both Japanese and English, and I’m sure the Japanese women felt like they were getting an added bonus of being able to listen to a lot of English during the courses. I really enjoyed doing workshops with other people, because it allowed me to share what I’ve learned in my life, and also to get a different perspective and point of view from other people I might never have thought of myself.


What I gained from Springboard was the realization that I have a lot of skills I didn’t think I had, and it gave me the confidence to make big changes in my life. I highly recommend this program to every woman, no matter what stage you are at in life, I’m sure there is something to be gained by doing this course! (K, 30s)

Gave me the push I needed

Without the Springboard Program, it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be where I am today.


I’m spending a delightful afternoon at a local Starbucks, taking a break from one of my three main jobs, none of which I could have imagined doing a year ago when I started the inaugural Springboard Program.


The confidence I could slowly build within myself, the support from my home group and the whole community of women dedicated to positive change, and the wisdom gleaned from the research presented in the Workbook has enabled me to leave a dead-end relationship as well as to start new, challenging work that stretches me while expanding my skill set.


I’m deeply indebted to Naomi, Fiona and Christine for making the time to translate the Program into Japanese while presenting it bilingually to enable access for both Japanese and non-Japanese participants, an innovative approach that I hope will be replicated elsewhere in our globally connected lives.


I like to joke that it was the best money I have ever spent! No matter what the cost, the Springboard Program is a wise investment in yourself, as it helps to hold up a mirror and see yourself as who you really are.


Once you do that, you can step into the power you have always owned. Women tend to forget this, so Springboard helps you remember: there’s no one else with exactly the same qualities that you possess, and the world can only benefit when you can share them with others!


Especially in a country like Japan, where modesty is a highly valued trait, it can be hard to put yourself “out there”. This program shows you how to do that in a culturally sensitive way, knowledge of which foreign women living in Japan may lack.


I can’t recommend the Springboard Program highly enough. It is my hope that it will be adopted far and wide in Japan, as this country is facing a severe labor shortage. Women have vital roles to play in revitalizing the economy of Japan. The Springboard  Program offers a gentle push of encouragement to get them going!


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for offering a space for me to dream of a career and a lifestyle which is now a reality! (S, 50s)

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